Monday, August 17, 2009

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My first Adventure

As a kitten Im always curious and when I found my way to my human's sister room I was amazed of all the fun stuff she had laying around, little bottles of stuff and shiny things that beat any toys I had to play with. It was time for this kitty to have fun!
I decided to first see what was in that big bag she always carries around, it smelled like flowers and just filled with so many wonderful doo-dads I just had to pull everything out to examine them all. I then discovered a rack filled with what she wears around her neck and in her ears ,they were fun to play with after I pulled everyone down .
After batting them around I decided to hide some so I can play with them later on. It wasn't too long before she discovered me in the midst of trying to climb a blue furry scarf hanging over a chair.
To make a long story short, her door is now always closed !!
Snoopy and his sister Spotsy

A Short History Of Jazz the Cat

My story really begins before I was even born. My human had to move from Texas back to New York and he was unable to take his two cats with him so he left them with his girlfriend.
His sister for his birthday got him two kittens , knowing how much he missed his other cats he had to leave behind. They were brother and sister named Spotsy and Snoopy.
Jump ahead three years : A sad thing happend and Spotsy had a stroke and was paralized from her shoulders down due to a blood clot . Even sadder she passed away soon afterwards.
Snoopy missed his sister badly and was very lonely. To lift his spirits and to give him a companion I was adopted. Snoopy and I have been best of buddies ever since.